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Has it been five, ten years, or even longer since you last returned to the Antioch campus?

If so, it’s time you returned, and there couldn’t be a better time than Reunion 2017! This is a very special reunion—it’s our 50th Anniversary.  Whether we walked that mound by the Horace Mann Monument behind Main Building to accept our diplomas or left before graduating (the College considers you an alum, too) this Golden Anniversary Reunion should not be missed!

When you come back to Antioch’s campus you’ll be amazed at the things you’ll see.  You’ll be in store for some wonderful surprises, beginning with Antioch’s 2016 accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission:

  • Fully restored and renovated North Hall, with kitchen and dining room (not actively used now, in favor of Birch Hall’s dining room); LEED certified for energy efficiency, including photovoltaic solar roof panels.
  • Renovated former Curl Gym, now the Wellness Center with Olympic-sized swimming pool, new fitness-workout areas, basketball and Pickle Ball courts.
  • The Farm, where students grow a variety of produce and vegetables, raise chickens with produce used in the Birch Hall kitchen/dining room.
  • Solar farm (complete with grass-chomping sheep) and geothermal plant supplying nearly half of the College’s heating and cooling needs.
  • A campus that’s been spruced up with new signs,  & improved and beautiful landscaping, 

There are many benefits to be received in your return visit, including:

  • Restore your faith in Antioch College as a unique, innovative higher educational institution.
  • Enjoy fellowship and networking with fellow Class of 1967 alumni and other years.
  • Stroll down nostalgia lane and bring back good memories of your student days as you traverse the walks/pathways on campus, visit various buildings and peak into Main Building.
  • Hear from and meet in person Antioch’s new President, Dr. Tom Manley.
  • Meet and talk with current students studying on campus.

When you come back for Reunion 2017, from July 13-16th or come back early for theWork Project (July 10-13th), you’ll not only see the huge improvements of the campus’ physical plant, but you’ll also experience the pervasive, positive, can-do attitude and spirit of the students, faculty and staff.   I experienced this when I returned for Reunion 2015, and came away completely uplifted and feeling very hopeful about the future of our alma mater.

You, too, will leave the campus at Reunion’s end feeling uplifted and hopeful at all that’s been accomplished in the past six years, since Antioch re-opened and began admitting new students again.

But there’s one big “drawback” to reunions on the Antioch campus.  From my experience, the weekend can disappear in a flash!   You arrive on campus for our 50th Anniversary Dinner Thursday evening (July 13th) (or come back early for the Work Project), and before you know it, it’s Sunday morning and brunch time and then the Memorial Service for Antioch alumni and friends. You’ll ask yourself, where did the four-day weekend disappear to?

But heck, when you’re having fun time flies, right?  So, come back and have some fun, enjoyment and share fellowship with your fellow Class of 1967 alumni.  Sixty-three of us came back from our class in 2007, which broke all previous attendance records for alumni from any one class year.

This year, our goal is at least 75 from our class back for Reunion 2017.  We want to set another attendance record.   So, come join us and help us celebrate a re-born Antioch College and this very special year, our 50th Golden Anniversary.  In 2007, many alumni returned to, in effect, attend a wake on the announced closing of our College.  This year, you can come back to celebrate a re-birth!  We’ll be calling you to follow-up, like we did in 2007.  If your email, snail mail address, and phone number needs updating please let the Alumni Relations office know.  James Lippincott, Director of Alumni & External Relations:

Browse the Reunion 2017 website for more information including schedule details, FAQs, the submission form for our Anniversary Book, online registration, and more.

See you in Yellow Springs, Ohio in July, 2017!!   

Very cordially,
Pete Creelman
Pete Creelman
Co-Class Rep, Class of 1967 and Reunion 2017
(602) 971-9277

P.S.   Come back to experience what promises to be one of the best Reunions ever.  Please don’t miss this one.  Don’t be the one who says, “Gee, I sure missed a fantastic one.  Wish I had gone!”   Come back and share the fun and enjoyment with us.

For further informational contacts re Reunion 2017:  Bill Dalton (; Karen Foreit (    


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All gifts made by members of the Class of 1967 between July 1, 2016 to Dec 31, 2017 will apply to our Class gift!


To say the very least, much has transpired – for all of us from the Class of 1967, and for our Antioch. 

At our 40th Reunion, we not only set a College record for the number of attendees at an anniversary-class Reunion but – most importantly—we were an integral part of the “Hell No, We won’t Go!!”  movement that has led to our being able to extend this invitation.

In six months we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of our Class of ’67, with all the individual and collective memories we have of those formative years—for us, for our Country, for Antioch. And this Anniversary will give us all the opportunity to recall  (and even re-live--) some of those past memories of the ‘old’ Antioch, even while we join with other alumni and current students and faculty to celebrate the new!

Some of us – like Pete Creelman and I, our representatives on the Board of Trustees and Alumni Boards, students-turned-staff  – have been taking advantage of opportunities to attend reunions, to find ways to serve our revitalized alma mater, to be a part of laying the groundwork for our College’s future. For others, this seminal Reunion may offer the first chance to see “through the looking the glass” at just how far we’ve come.

One thing for sure –We’ve come a long way, together!

We of ’67 were there during some of the very best years of the original Antioch, replete with high enrollment, commitment to conscience-based social action and change (not to mention Div Dance and Red Square!). Fortuitously, our 50th comes at a time when this same energy, vision, idealism, and commitment could not be more needed.

Sooo – Come join us:       

            July 10 - July 13  for the chance to be a part of Volunteer Work Project

            July 13- July 16 for the campus Reunion program and celebrations          

Again, Pete and I will be working with our 1967 volunteers and Alumni Relations staff to assure that there will be fun and stimulating events and programs specifically for our Class (including our 50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner, the evening of July 13th). And, again, we will be seeking a turnout that will surpass any other Class year!

So, please join us:

Without YOU there will be no “50th Anniversary Class of ’67 Reunion”!


Looking forward to seeing you in YSO!!




P.S. To help phone fellow classmates, contact Pete Creelman (602) 971-9277