Class of 1967 Anniversary Book

Download PDF Form » Anniversary Book Submission Form


Download the PDF Anniversary Book submission form and open it using the Adobe Acrobat Reader (do not open in your web browser).

Once opened, you may complete this form at your leisure, saving your progress as often as you'd like. Please make sure that what you submit is your "best and final." The editors of the Anniversary Book will be unable to make edits to the submissions they receive.

When you have completed this form and are ready to send it, simply save it one last time and e-mail it as an attachment to with "1967" as the subject.

Not familiar with Adobe Acrobat Reader or fillable forms? See below.


If you would like to share pictures so that we may include them in the Anniversary Book, please include them as attachments along with the completed form.

In the body of the e-mail, include the names of the people in each photograph.

For ease of identification, please name your pictures with the following naming format: - YourFirstNameLastName-1.jpg - YourFirstNameLastName-2.jpg - YourFirstNameLastName-3.jpg - etc.


In order for the editors to have sufficient time to complete the Anniversary Book's layout and send it to print, there is a deadline of June 30, 2017. Submissions sent in after that might not make it in.

Download PDF Form » Anniversary Book Submission Form

Acrobat Reader Tips

Not familiar with Adobe Acrobat Reader or fillable forms?

  • Then download the submission form and click on the Save icon

  • You’ll see a box that looks something like this: 

  • Save the form to any directory you like
  • To fill in the form, open it from your own computer
  • Then place your cursor over each box and type away (don’t forget to save before closing)