Million Dollar March Match: Because Antioch Matters

THANK YOU to everyone who made a difference this March by joining our Million Dollar Match campaign!

Your gifts not only support extraordinary students through their life-changing Antioch education, but also ideas and values. Your gift is an investment in a better world. 






The Liberal Arts and Sciences
An Antioch education means rigorous academics, experiential learning through Co-op, and responsibility in the practice of community. Supporting Antioch College is a commitment to evidence-based practices, the scientific method, critical thinking, and exposure to difference through a broad range of ideas and opinions.

Diversity and human rights
Your gift enables the College to support students from many different backgrounds, making the Antioch community more accessible and vibrant. Almost 30 years ago, the College adopted a trailblazing testament to this inclusive community with the Sexual Offense Prevention Policy (SOPP), a blueprint for affirmative consent now recognized and adopted across the country as a rampart against gender-based violence. And faithful to its heritage, our campus remains a safe haven for gay, lesbian, and transgender students.

A sustainable planet
Antioch College is deeply committed to environmental sustainability. With our LEED-certified green buildings, farm to table program, Glen Helen nature preserve, 3,300 solar panels, and geothermal plant, we are modelling what a sustainable future can look like.