Million Dollar March Match: Because Antioch Matters

Make a difference for students this March!

Soleil Sykes, Class of 2018
“I came to Antioch to challenge myself, to step out of my comfort zone, and I certainly got what I came for. I’ve Co-oped in a German policy think tank; at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in Washington, DC; as Record Editor; and with the US mission to NATO in Brussels. Last summer, I was selected to attend The New York Times Athens Democracy Forum in Greece and participated in workshops on current challenges to democracy alongside scholars from around the world. This experience is informing my work as ComCil chair back on campus this term. I’m also editing the Record for the second time; it’s a labor of love!

Antioch matters because we are trying to change the world. Our ambitions outpace our resources, and as such we are recognizing that human beings, their work, their ideas, their commitment, their passion, are worth more than our material limitations.”


Maria Lopez, Class of 2021
“I love that Antioch is small and the teaching so individualized. The fact that I was here for less than two weeks before my professor noticed that I needed to be evaluated for a previously undiagnosed learning disability and got me the help I needed says a lot about the kind of place this is. Antioch is special. If it wasn’t for Antioch, I don’t think I would have been brave enough to say: ‘I’m going to pursue my dream and get into veterinary school. ’  I would’ve listened to people who told me it wasn’t possible.

“Because of Antioch, I’m willing to take risks, and I can get the kind of support that nontraditional students like me need to thrive in the Sciences. Antioch matters because it makes the impossible possible.”