Antioch College Books to Prisoners Project

Emily Steinmetz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

The Antioch College Books to Prisoners Project sends books, zines, and composition notebooks to incarcerated people across the United States. Here’s how it works: Incarcerated people write us letters asking for certain reading materials and we try to meet their requests with our extensive zine library, donated books, and composition notebooks. We work with the local community to collect and sort book donations in our library.

Our Books to Prisoners Project recently expanded because we have been listed in the Prisoner Activist Resource Center. We have been receiving hundreds of letters and we need some support to keep up with this exciting new demand for this project. We would like to raise money on Giving Tuesday to fund:

  1. Student worker (5 hours/week @ $10/hour) who will keep the library organized and coordinate book-packing events = $2,200;
  2. Postage + shipping supplies ($500/quarter) = $2,000;
  3. Purchase of composition notebooks, used collegiate dictionaries, and thesauruses, which are our most requested items = $1,000.

$2,968.00 raised. Thank you!