FULLY FUNDED — Antioch Educational STEM Outreach Project

Joseph Lennox, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Antioch Educational STEM Outreach Project (AESOP) will invite students of various age groups from the wider community to Antioch College for “Science Saturdays” during mid-November 2017 until mid-May 2018 (a maximum of seven Science Saturdays).

Students of age groups 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16 and 17/18 will be invited to Antioch through outreach to Miami Valley local area schools for safe experiments and demonstrations in chemistry and general science in age-appropriate presentation formats.

In terms of beneficial outcome for the College, this proposal has the superior advantage of inviting students interested in STEM directly to Antioch for experiential exercises in science education, leading to positive public relations with the community. The Antioch College Admissions Office may, at theiroption, choose to distribute materials to age 17/18 students.

I offer the course, NDE 305 – Learner-Centered Teaching (syllabus enclosed), wherein 3rd and 4th yearAntioch students are taught to teach as if they were being trained as adjunct professors. Science-oriented students, especially those in my class, will be recruited as student-teachers for AESOP.

Funding is requested to finance scientific materials, printed matter, and related expenses to support Science Saturdays at Antioch College. This is a project of, by and for Antioch students.

$3,000.00 raised. Thank you!