From Candidacy to Accreditation! 

As we celebrate the milestone of an independent Antioch College’s positive accreditation announcement, we acknowledge that it has been a long road to get to where we are. From the announcement of closure in 2007 to the forming of the College Revival Fund and Non-Stop Institute to the returning of the keys.

On September 4, 2009 the keys to Antioch College were placed in the hands of Board of Trustee member, Lee Morgan ’66, and interim president, Matthew Derr ’89. We rang the bells and opened the doors of Main Building. We knew from the first from glimpse into the historic halls of Main Building, we know that there was much work to be done and an incredible legacy to preserve.

Over the last several years, we have asked you time and again to step up to the challenge, to walk with us on this journey, and help to carry the burden. 7,102 people have made 28,339 donations, totaling $64,144,325 in gifts. Today, we’re grateful for the support of generous donors and alumni who made it possible to reopen our beloved college. But the work isn’t over. It will take many more creative ideas, dollars and donors, students in classrooms and on co-op, faculty burning the midnight oil, and staff to support and lead the efforts. We would not be here if not for many leaders, alumni, faculty, staff and friends who believed in the value of an independent Antioch College in 2007 and have made sacrifices and contributions that made today possible. Working together, we are made stronger.

Please consider ways that you can contribute to Antioch College in the spirit of celebrating our accreditation milestone. Your support is more important than ever to the College’s growth and forward momentum. Trust that the work to revive Antioch College will continue without pause. We will have more to share as the days pass. We’ve compiled a FAQs page to help answer some of your immediate questions. 

Sincerely, Amanda Cole ’05 
Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Fund