Alumni Website and Online Directory Upgrades

We're working to significantly improve the Antioch College alumni website & online directory. In addition to an improved layout, the back-end architecture will support a much more contemporary user experience and functionality.


Please be sure to log in once the upgraded website and directory launches on October 5th, and help us spread the word! The website address will remain the same:

It launches on October 5, 2017

Until then, the existing website and directory is still live.

What's Changing?

Some highlights of the new site will include:

  • Ability to sync with your LinkedIn & Facebook account;
  • Better ways to connect with geographic & affinity Chapters;
  • Photo albums including historic class photos;
  • More robust search functionality so you can find friends & new make new contacts;
  • See where Antiochians are around the world on a map;
  • Improved display and function on mobile devices;
  • New communication tools to help Chapter volunteers communicate with alumni!


  • Password protected! Only verified Antiochians will have access to the directory;
  • You have control of your information!
  • You may update your profile any time and chose to make information private, or to opt out of the directory all together.
  • The platform will allow other to contact you without displaying your email address if you prefer.

A more useful online directory

Let's be frank; the current directory is not userfriendly, and not very useful.

We're going to make more alumni information visible to registered alumni by default in the password protected online alumni directory. For decades Antioch published complete alumni directories; we're going back to this tradition. Our directory will have all alumni (unless they chose to opt out) which is standard practice at colleges and universities around the world. This will help old friends reconnect and better facilitate new connections as well.

We need your help in connecting alumni to each other and back to Antioch. Our database was fractured by the closure, and we haven't yet pulled all of the pieces back together. This improved and easier to use directory platform will help to close some of the gaps! Among its functions are communication tools for volunteers which will finally allow us to use one central source of alumni data.

What will be displayed?

  • Basic info: Your name, class year, business title and company, city, and state (or international location) will be displayed for all users;
  • Contact info: Home address, phone, and email will be displayed by default; you will be able to change visibility of this information on your profile.

Important Details

  • The online alumni directory will only be visible to authenticated Antiochians;
  • Registered in the current directory? PLEASE NOTE: Privacy settings in the current directory will NOT transfer to the upgraded system. You will need to log in and make any changes you'd like after the site launches on October 5;
  • If you have not yet created a profile or logged into the current online directory/alumni website, PLEASE WAIT until October 5th to set up your profile in the upgraded system. 

Questions? Don't want to be included in the online directory?

Contact the alumni office:

Below is a sneak peak of what the upgraded site will look like!