Antioch College Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is comprised of more than 12,000 former students of Antioch College. Alumni status is automatically granted to any student who attended for two terms or more (former students who attended less than two terms may reuqest membership). No membership've already made your dues!

Alumni Board of Directors

The Board consists of up to 30 College alumni volunteers who serve staggered three-year terms that begin with our fall meeting. All but the president, vice president and secretary are limited to two consecutive terms. A Board member who has served the limit is eligible to run again after at least two years off the board.

The current Board has alumni from the 1950s through the 2000s and from more than a dozen states coast to coast and north to south, reflecting the diversity of Antioch College in their professions, ethnicity, and individual perspectives.

The Board’s main function is to guide and support alumni activities, working closely with College leaders to encourage the involvement and connection of alumni with the school. Our work includes the developing and maintaining of chapters, fostering alumni communications and recruiting class representatives for the annual Reunion, which we help to plan and conduct each summer.

The most successful Board members have been high-energy individuals possessed with a passion for the ideals and the future of Antioch College while remaining flexible, eager to work and willing to work with others.

Board Member Expectations

Board members are expected to attend three meetings a year in Yellow Springs, Ohio, at personal expense, usually in October, March and during Reunion. Some meals are provided during the October and March meetings, which typically run all day Friday and Saturday. The Board hosts the Reunion, so it is especially important that Board members attend. Expenses for attending these three meetings are tax deductible. Missing two meetings in a row is considered equivalent to a resignation unless the Board agrees to consider an absence excused. Time-sensitive business may occasionally be conducted in conference calls which are not subject to the two-absence rule.

Each Board member also is expected to serve on two standing committees and may be asked to serve on one or more ad hoc committees, all of which may require work between meetings.

Finally, each Board member is expected to make a personally significant financial contribution to the Antioch College Annual Fund.

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If you have further questions, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 937-767-2341 or send an e-mail to

Constitution of the Antioch College Alumni Association
The Bylaws of the Antioch College Alumni Association