Alumni Awards

Awards are bestowed upon Antiochians annually by the Alumni Association Board.

The 2018 honorees will be announced this spring and will be recognized at Reunion 2018 where they will present during plenary sessions.

Nominations come from you! Submit a nomination for the next round of awards.

Horace Mann Award (Victory for Humanity)

2017 RECIPIENT: LaDoris Hazzard Cordell ’71

The Horace Mann Award recognizes a contribution by alumni of Antioch College who have “won some victory for humanity,” following Horace Mann’s advice to the graduating class of 1859.

Nominees should be persons, or groups of persons, whose personal or professional activities have had a profound effect on the present or future human condition. Mann was the first president of Antioch College.

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Arthur Morgan Award (Support/Service to the Community)

2017 RECIPIENT: Gabriel Metcalf ’93

The Arthur Morgan Award recognizes contributions by alumni or friends of the College which exemplify the concept of “community” advocated by Arthur Morgan.

The nominees for this award should be persons, or groups of persons, who have contributed to their community — either local, national or world — in a manner which brings members of the community together in order to work toward common goals. Morgan served as President of Antioch College for 16 years.

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Rebecca Rice Award (Achievement in Profession)

2017 RECIPIENT: Pavel Curtis ’81

The Rebecca Rice Award recognizes alumni of Antioch College who by their actions, achievements, and leadership have distinguished themselves and their alma mater.

The nominees for this award should be persons who have excelled in their vocation or field of study. The award is named for the first female trustee — and longtime faculty member — of Antioch College.

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J.D. Dawson Award (Support/Service to the College)

2017 RECIPIENT: Eric Bates ’83 

The J.D. Dawson Award recognizes significant contributions to Antioch College by alumni or friends of Antioch.

The nominees for this award should be persons who have contributed in a significant way to Antioch College or a program of Antioch College. Perhaps best-known for his involvement with the Co-op department, J.D. Dawson’s entire career was dedicated to Antioch College.

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Walter F. Anderson Award (Breaking Ethnic Barriers)

2017 RECIPIENT: Larry Rubin ’65

The Walter F. Anderson Award recognizes contributions by alumni and friends who have advanced Antioch College’s ideals by breaking down racial and ethnic barriers.

The award is named for Antioch’s longtime music department chair, the first African-American department head at a historically non-black institution of higher education. Nominees should have shown fortitude and effectiveness in promoting diversity within the Antioch community and beyond.

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