COLLOQUIA 2017 | Showcase of Student Work


Antioch College Hosts COLLOQUIA 2017

First Annual Public Showcase of Student Work

Running June 12-24, COLLOQUIA 2017 is the inaugural annual public showcase of senior Capstone projects.

The series of performances, presentations, salons, poster presentations, screenings and an all-arts exhibition, modeled after the Chautauqua Institution program, highlights the culminating academic work of the Antioch College Class of 2017, and the results of their immersion into Antioch’s unique, experiential educational experience.

”I call your attention to the root word for colloquia: colloquy, which has the basic meaning ‘to gather in conversation,’” said College President Tom Manley. “In all cases, we hope gathering in conversation will lead us to explore and expand our shared understanding through this sharing of knowledge. That is what we celebrate in COLLOQUIA 2017 and why we are exceedingly grateful to the hard working seniors, faculty and curators who have given us the opportunity to speak, listen, exchange views and, ultimately, explore the world and our understanding of it, together.”

“It is our hope with COLLOQUIA 2017,” said program coordinator and Herndon Gallery Creative Director Jennifer  Wenker, “that by gathering and sharing freely what we have learned with one another, we also expand in our capacity to understand, to be understood, and to refine the questions we need to be asking in order to protect our democracy, our world’s peoples and ecosystems, and win victories for our shared humanity.”

All Antioch College COLLOQUIA 2017 Senior Showcase events are free and open to the public.

Work by Sam Stewart

Modified COLLOQUA 2017 catalog cover designed by Hannah Priscilla Craig