Materials for Reskilling Courses

Beth Bridgeman

Instructor of Cooperative Education

One of the consequences of increasing specialization and monetization of the economy is that skills that were once common among the general population, skills that by their nature contributed to a sense of community, skills that could not be accomplished without thought and intention, are now shared by few.

Reskilling courses, where students learn soap-making, beekeeping, goat-milking, basic wiring, canning, mending, foraging and variety of other skills have become very popular with Antioch students. In these courses, skills are shared by community members as well as students and the skills learned are co-constructed by the learning community.

We need supply money for these integrative learning courses! $2000 will support four reskilling classes during the coming year. Thank you for your support.

$1,764.00 raised. Thank you!