FULLY FUNDED — Wildlife telemetry tracking research equipment

Brian W. Kot, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Science

Financial support is requested to purchase a wildlife telemetry kit that includes a radio (VHF) receiver, a 3-element Yagi antenna, and a radio collar (similar to those used in telemetry research on large mammals including deer, coyotes, foxes, and bobcats).

This kit would be used as a teaching and research tool to provide hands-on instruction about research protocols for live-trapping and radio-tracking wild animals. A proposed student-led research project with immediate application of this equipment involves studying the daily activity patterns of local red foxes that regularly attack chickens on the Antioch farm.

Applications of the kit to specific courses include: 1) Zoology (BIO 240); 2) Natural History of the Vertebrates (BIO 350); 3) Conservation Biology (ENVS 330); 4) Ecology (ENVS 205); 5) Introduction to Environmental Science (ENVS 105); 6) Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (BIO 330); and 7) Exploring and Appreciating the Natural World (GS 170).

$1,500.00 raised. Thank you!