Antioch Colleg Maker Hub

Michael Casselli ’87

Assistant Professor of Sculpture and Installation

This upcoming spring I will be teaching Global Seminar 170 DIY and the Maker Movement, a project course that will look at the culture and practice of the DIY/Maker community and the possibilities it offers as a movement for social practice and self-sufficiency.

We will look at current makerspaces as well as other community based making practices, the contributions these have made to preserving traditional creative practice, and the possibility of developing a small business incubator based on a worker owned cooperative model. This would be developed between the college and people from the YS community that have approached me about a joint venture.

Funding would cover the cost of insulating the sculpture annex, provide for some interior refinements, and materials for the course so that we can produce a number of small projects that would assist in the planning and design of the project. All of the activities, from planning through implementation, will be carried out by the students in the course.This project is being designed as a way of thinking about how the Antioch Campus as a whole is a hub of maker activity and how we can make that available to all community members and extend this relationship to include the village of yellow Springs and beyond.

Projected costs:

  1. Ceiling Insulation $ 3000.00
  2. Paint $ 250.00
  3. Construction Materials $ 400.00
  4. Small Project Costs $ 500.00

$935.00 raised. Thank you!