Life-size Tyrannosaurus rex skull (museum quality replica)

Brian W. Kot, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Science

Financial support is requested to purchase a life-size T. rex skull replica that would be used as a teaching tool in various science, art, Global Seminar (non-majors), and other courses.

Possible applications in specific courses include: 1) Zoology (BIO 240); 2) Natural History of the Vertebrates (BIO 350); 2) Evolutionary Biology (BIO 340); 3) Visual Language: A Focus on Three Dimensions (VISA 102); and 4) Exploring and Appreciating the Natural World (GS 170).

Other applications for this item include as a centerpiece for a proposed, and possibly revenue-generating, “Dinosaur Days” Saturday program intended for local K-12 students.

$585.00 raised. Thank you!