Family and Friends of Antioch College

Family of current students and friends of Antioch College are an important part of our community who contribute in many ways: by providing co-op opportunities for our students, volunteering (at Work Project, on the Farm, at Glen Helen, at WYSO, and more), through philanthropic support with makes an Antioch education possible for deserving students, and much more. You are also welcome at many events on campus and at "alumni" events across the country.

Thank you to parents, family, and friends for your love and care of Antioch College!


Family and friends are welcome and encouraged to participate in events hosted by the College and the Alumni Association.

Publications and Contact Info Updates

We send regular communications and publications to friends of Antioch College.

  • The Independent is an email newsletter sent out every month.
  • The Antiochian is the magazine of Antioch College, published twice per year.
  • Other invitations and communications are occasionally sent out as well; mostly via email, but also via snailmail.
  • If you are interested in subscribing to the Antioch Review—the literary journal of Antioch College—subscriptions are available for purchase.

Please keep your contact info up-to-date, and make requests to subscribe, by sending an email to


Contact James Lippincott, Director of Alumni & External Relations | 937.319.0092