Alumni Referral Initiative (ARI)

Help recruit future change-agents and continue our forward momentum!

No one understands more than you, the alumni, the true value of an Antioch education. The College’s unique mix of academics in the liberal arts and sciences, cooperative education, and community prepares students to meet the challenges of our times while engaging with the world.

Your voice matters in the future of the College, and we’d like you to help us find students for whom an Antioch education would be the most beneficial.

The Alumni Referral Initiative, or ARI, invites alumni to nominate candidates for admission to the college.

How to participate:

  • Identify a student or students you believe would thrive at Antioch.
  • If the nominated student applies, is accepted and attends, Antioch will provide an annual $500 Alumni Scholar Award in your name.

Only Antiochians know the forward moral edge that defines the College, and by participating in this program, you will help more students get a life-changing Antioch education.

Refer a Student » Nomination Form

Alumni Scholar Award Details

    • Current Antioch College students are not eligible;
    • Students nominated may also be eligible to receive the generous Antioch Trustee Scholarship, which will be awarded to students who exemplify a commitment to new and better ways of living and learning and who show outstanding promise to contribute to the Antioch vision – Antioch@175 – through meaningful engagement with the arts, democracy, and social justice, and/or environmental concerns, as well as community leadership.