Reunion FAQs

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General Info 

Q: Can I just show up on campus for Reunion?

A: Yes... but it's not recommended. We're more flexible than the airlines... but just barely! (Too soon?)

Please note that capacity is limited at many events, so space can not be guaranteed unless you have registered ahead of time. By registering ahead of time you help us to plan for your arrival which also helps us keep costs down! Please see the registration section below for more info.

Q: It is my 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60th anniversary year (and so on) can you help me get in touch with my classmates?

A: Please ask us to help you connect! It is the best part of our job. Please email and we'll help you get in touch.

You can also connect on Facebook:
Class of 1967 | Class of 1972 | Class of 1977
Class of 1982 | Class of 1987 | Class of 1992
Class of 1997 | Class of 2002 | Class of 2007

Q: Can I bring my kids?

A: Absolutely! Young Antiochians are invited to participate in Reunion events for free (no registration fee required), but tickets must be purchased for meals.

For dedicated kids activities, check out the excellent Ecocamp program offered by Antioch's Glen Helen Ecology Institute!  Week 5 overlaps with Volunteer Work Project and Reunion. If you have any questions about Ecocamp, please contact Glen Helen Outdoor Education Center, Business Manager Diane Ulrich, 937-767-7648.

Looking for a sitter? Post an ASK on Switchboard to find a current student who can help.

Q: Will I be able to access the Wellness Center while on campus?

A: Yes! Guest passes are included in your Reunion registration! Please enjoy and savor this beautiful oasis of health and pride for our community.

 Activities & Events 

Q: Where is the full schedule?!

A: Check out the schedule online here.

Q: How can I organize a meet-up, activity, or discussion group of my own?

A: Oh, Antiochians...the consummate community organizers and special event planner’s nightmare! Planning Antioch Reunion is like trying to bottle chaos!

But in all seriousness, this is a great idea! We have reserved rooms on campus for impromptu activities to take place. The main space available is our Joe Cali Room in the OK Library. We will have boards up on the horseshoe for people to make announcements, organize happy hours at our fine downtown establishments, or to organize an activity in one of the reserved spaces on campus.

Q: Who can attend the Thursday night Anniversary Dinner?

A: You, if you'd like. While the Anniversary Dinner is a special celebration for the Class of 1967 (and beyond), all are welcome to attend. 

Q: A group of friends want to have a special memorial and maybe plant a tree, is that okay?

A: We do create a space on campus to celebrate and remember those we have lost in this past year. The Memorial for Antiochians and Friends occurs on Sunday morning. We certainly encourage you to find a place on campus to hold ceremonies or gather as friends.

To plant a tree or put anything permanent on campus we require you to first contact the Office of Alumni Relations. We will work with you and Antioch College Facilities to find a feasible solution. We collaborate with the YS Tree Committee to ensure the right species is selected and that is fits within the sustainable landscaping plan of the campus. Also, once a tree, bench, or other memorial is placed on campus, we want to make sure it is loved and cared for.

Transportation & Lodging 

Q: How can I get to campus from the airport?

A: Here are a few suggestions if you don't want to rent a car:

Q: Where can I stay?

A: A list of local lodging options is located on the Lodging & Travel Discounts page.

Q: Can I camp out on campus?

A: For sure! We've designated the former Presidents location adjacent to West Hall for "primitive" camping. Restrooms in West Hall will be available. A few simple rules: no campfires, no parking on the grass, don't run extension cords to the buildings, and please pick up your trash.

Please pre-register with us in order to camp on College grounds by sending an email to

If you prefer traditional campground facilities, there is always John Bryan State Park nearby!

Q: Travel discounts?

A: That's right, we've arranged for hotel and rental car discounts which are available to all Antioch alumni.

Registration & Prices 

Q: How do I register?

A: Online registration is now open!

Q: Can I register using a paper form?

A: Yes! A Reunion invitation with registration paperwork will be sent to you soon. If you don't receive one, please call 937-767-2341 or email

Q: Is there a registration fee?

A: Yes. The $30.00 registration fee includes a reunion t-shirt, name badge, access to the Wellness Center, and the various event sessions. Please note; if you don't register by the deadline we can not guarantee a t-shirt in your size.

Large scale events require lots of odds and ends for rentals and staffing! In fact, the money collected from registrations and meal tickets does not even come close to covering the actual costs for Reunion Weekend.  We do our best to keep prices down for alumni, while also doing our best to keep the budget reasonable for the College. Thanks for your understanding!

Q: Is there a deadline to register?

A: Yup. Here are the dates to know:

    • Discounted early bird registration ends June 18.
    • Registration closes on July 9 so that we can finalize logistics for catering, rentals, equipment, etc.

Q: What's the difference between early bird and regular registration prices?

A: The registration fee and individual event prices go up by $10 each. It pays to register early!

Q: What if I miss the deadline, can I still attend?

A: Of course, we want to see you back on campus! Onsite registration will be available.

Please note that an additional $10 fee will be assessed per meal for onsite registration in addition to the $30 registration fee. We make every attempt to accommodate late registrations, however, we cannot guarantee that space will be available at certain events if you do not register by the deadline. Please keep in mind, in the last two years most Reunion meals have SOLD OUT prior to Reunion Weekend. If at all possible, please register by July 9 so that we can plan for your arrival and provide the best possible experience for everyone!

Changes & Cancellations 

Q: Can I change my registration?

A: Sure! Call the Alumni Office at (937) 767-2341 and we can assist.

If you are simply adding additional events, you may do so online by going through the registration form once again (you may skip the registration fee in this instance unless you are adding a new guest).

Q: What if I need to cancel?

A: You may cancel your registration for a full refund before June 17 and a 50% refund between June 17 - 30. Refunds will not be made after June 30. Refunds will be issued using the same payment method you used when registering, but may not be processed until after Reunion Weekend due to staffing limitations.

General Info | Activities & Events | Transportation & Lodging| Registration & Prices | Changes & Cancellations