Volunteerism is deeply embedded in Antiochian culture.  Indeed, alumni have been—and will continue to be—vital to Antioch College’s future. Volunteers help to extend the reach of the College through the Alumni Association as well as on campus. Scroll down to see current volunteer opportunities. 

Expanding Volunteer Opportunities: Antioch Alumni Works (AAW)

Critical for the future will be the ability to engage Antiochians in doing the real work of the College on a pro bono basis. This will reduce and contain costs of operations and bring many other benefits to the campus.  

An expansion of the College's volunteer program—based upon the success of the Volunteer Work Project—AAW launched as a pilot project in March 2017.  Additional projects may be identified and organized as a trial run of the program as we put the structures in place to support an expanded volunteer program.

Working through administrative and academic channels such as Human Resources or the Academic Provost the College will identify work that needs to be done. Vetting and supervisory systems will be designed to ensure high quality and positive results both for the volunteer and the College department. Volunteers who are willing to apply and participate in the selection process will be matched and assigned to tasks that can be accomplished remotely or that require time on campus.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Informal works too...

You don't have to sign up formally as a volunteer to help Antiochians. You can interact informally, and directly, with Antioch students and alumni on Antioch Switchboard.  You can post an OFFER of assistance, advice, a job, etc., ASK for what you need, and browse current posts and offer comments, connections, or assistance.

Learn more about Switchboard.