Antioch Alumni Works (AAW)

Pilot Project: Writing Consultants

The Antioch College Writing Institute is expanding its writing support services for students. It is creating connections with Antioch College alumni with writing expertise who can serve as consultants to graduating students.

This is a call for applications from alumni who are willing to participate in a selection process and will not be upset if they are not selected.

 Alumni should have experience writing, editing or teaching English, creative writing, TESOL, or related fields. All consulting can be done remotely using email and phone.  The project runs from April through June 2017. Once the student is paired with a writing consultant (through the Writing Institute):

  1. The student will email a rough draft of the essay to the consultant with information about the assignment criteria as given by the faculty member, a brief paragraph about what particular concerns the student has regarding the essay (if any), and the due date of the assignment.
  2. Consultants should comment on both strengths and weaknesses of the work and should not solely edit or fix mistakes, but, rather, help the student understand weaknesses through comprehensive explanation on the draft.
  3. After feedback is returned, the student is encouraged to follow up with the consultant if they have questions regarding feedback.
  4. The student and the consultant should include the Coordinator of the Writing Institute in all communications, so additional support can be offered to students and consultants as needed.

To apply please send your name, address, email and phone number plus a description of your writing and editing experience or CV/Resume to:

Robin Littell, Coordinator of the Writing Institute/Writing Instructor;
937.319.0099 ext. 3208

Deadline for Writing Consultant applications: April 8, 2017.

Selection of writing consultants is at the sole discretion of the Writing Institute Coordinator and writing faculty. You will be notified by April 15th, 2017 if you have been accepted.